Hollywood Knights Celebrity Events   Hollywood Knights Celebrity Events


High Schools are always seeking new opportunities to generate funds for their academic and athletic programs. Whether it's buying new cheerleading uniforms, funding a field trip or buying a new marquee—whatever the cause may be...


The Knights will come to your school and play an exciting game of basketball against the faculty. The school keeps all the proceeds from ticket, concession stand, and raffle sales. Schools can also raise extra money by securing corporate sponsors. With over 25 games a year played every year since 1978, the Knights are responsible for helping to raise over one and a half million dollars in needed funds for High Schools—in addition to providing a fun and exciting environment for fans, students and faculty.

The average net profit raised by most schools is in the $5,000+ range. We will teach you how to produce this event and guide you every step of the way. This event is the ideal project for ASB groups, Junior or Sophomore Class projects, and various sport teams and clubs because it teaches students how to communicate, delegate, plan an event, and work as a team.

The Hollywood Knights will provide your school with the following:

  • A minimum of ten celebrities consisting of members from our current roster and many more not listed.
  • Promotional Posters - 11x17, black & white posters to help promote your event on campus and around the community. One design as a teaser flyer, one with the pictures of the confirmed celebrities days before the event, and a final version to be used for autograph signings during the game.
  • Two referees to officiate the game.
  • An awesome sound system for the game with 13,000 watts of power.
  • Coordinate a half-time autograph session.
  • Provide talent for a half-time performance.
  • Provide two of its own security staff to oversee the event and crowd control volunteers.
  • Provide each school with it's own game page on the Hollywood Knights website which will list information, ticket prices, location, and up-to-date celebrity and faculty confirmations.
  • Promote each game via our Knights Gazette, which is received by our fans and media subscribers.
  • Provide disc jockeys and hosts to play music during the game and entertain the crowd.
  • 102.7 KIIS-FM radio station, L.A.'s #1 station rated amongst teens, will have a presence during the event and pass out all sorts of free stuff.
  • Coordinate with the celebrity group on attending a VIP after-party which is hosted at the school after the game.
  • Provide your group with VIP wristbands for the after-party.


PREREQUISITE: Schools must have an attendance level of over 1,000 students with a gym capacity of 900 persons or more.


We've compiled a summary of the feedback we've received from schools that recently hosted a game. Book a game today and experience the magic of The Hollywood Knights!


    • The event was fantastic!  We had a huge crowd and the celebs were so friendly and accommodating! – Santiago High School
    • It was the largest we've had. Great celebrities, over 1,200 in attendance. - Burbank HS
    • Our school loved it all and our administrators were extremely pleased with how smoothly it ran! They loved that the kids were so excited. The faculty actually thanked me. - Walnut HS
    • Exciting says it all! The energy in the gym (and even the line outside) was just so invigorating. I loved seeing the kids so excited! - Garden Grove HS
    • Our celebrity basketball event went extremely well! We raffled off signed items, sold water, and sold megaphones. The game was really exciting and many people came up to me after the game saying how much they enjoyed it. It truly was an unforgettable experience. -
    • The game was great competition and fan involved. Giveaways kept the crowd enthused. Reception went very well. Celebrities were very gracious. - Ocean View HS
    • About 1,000 people attended. 19 Whittier faculty members participated. It was very well received. - Whittier HS
    • The event started out with loud and exciting music that got every person pumped up. The celebs were really down to earth and tried to participate with the crowd as much as possible. The DJ interacted with the crowd and people rushed to get signatures at half time. Over all we are very pleased with the event and we would definitely do the event again. – Agoura High School
    • The game was great and the celebrities did a great job "playing" with the crowd. Everyone who attended had a blast! – Savanna High School


    • Michael Mirisch!  I loved his enthusiasm and organization!  He was great to work with! – Santiago High School
    • Organization is run professionally. The packet is very easy to read and the whole event is laid out for you. This was my first time and it is a lot of work, but you have simplified it by using the packet of materials. - Moreno Valley HS
    • I think that Michael Mirisch did a great job getting the stars together. The kids all commented that they were "really famous people." Thanks to Michael, we got 2 members of O-Town thrown in at the last minute. I also think that Power 106 did a great job with the crowd. Their music and give a ways added a lot to the atmosphere of the game. This was an event, not a basketball game. Autograph session and after game reception added to the festivities also. - Whittier HS
    • The thing that we liked the best was the entertainment. The performers at half time were spectacular. The celebrities and our faculty staff were also really cool with the things that went on that day. If it weren't for the Hollywood Knights, we wouldn't have this kind of fundraiser held at our school. The HK Team was very helpful with organization and overall support. The posters were really great in drawing our crowd. - Keppel HS
    • Celebrities: friendly and approachable. Company: extremely organized, friendly and helpful. Thanks for making my administration feel comfortable with the process! - Walnut HS
    • The energy & preparation of the company. The website. - Burbank HS
    • All the support you gave us before the game. Also, the flyers were great. - Canyon Springs HS
    • The half time performances. They were great. I also liked how friendly and agreeable everyone was. The celebrities were all willing to sign millions of things that we raffled off. - Schurr HS
    • How wonderful the celebrities were with the students and the adults. Very nice group you have. - Garden Grove HS
    • The competitive nature of the players. The willingness of celebrities to sign autographs for students. - Downey HS
    • It was a very fun event to plan and be at. Everyone that went enjoyed themselves and would for sure go to another one again. – Agoura H.S.
    • The opportunity to have such a fun event at our school is the best thing about HK. – Savanna H.S.
    • Everyone was really nice and celebrities were very down to earth. It made everyone feel comfortable and the night go very smoothly. The uproar from the crowd and smiles on everyone\'s faces said it all. – Bellflower H.S.


    • Get more sponsors to cover the cost. Next year, our goal is to have the full amount cover by sponsors. - Canyon Springs HS
    • Get posters to other schools. I would have had a few more big guys (security) for the autograph session. - Garden Grove HS
    • We probably would want to add more entertainment for the audience before, in between, and after the game. We'd probably prepare something before hand that would pep up the crowd. Have extra time to prepare and give out specific jobs for volunteers. - Keppel HS
    • Distinguish colors of tickets for adults and children. - Burbank HS
    • I would probably try to get a sponsor. Although we tried, I would have tried even harder. Advertise more! - Schurr HS
    • Get the celebrity posters up at least 2 -3 weeks prior to the event to gain student awareness. - Downey HS
    • I would worry less. - Walnut HS
    • Start planning it earlier and advertise more. – Agoura High School
    • We would definitely would and will do it again. It is such a fun and exciting event and has become one of the most anticipated event we do during the school year. – Savanna High School


    • PUBLICIZE! LISTEN to MICHAEL!  He knows what he is doing and how to get people to attend. – Santiago H.S.
    • Exciting Event, moneymaker, great fundraiser - Do It! It's worth it! Get lots of security. - Burbank HS
    • Follow the packet instructions. Try and get all food donated and get sponsors. Organize early. - Moreno Valley HS
    • Involve the middle schools. - Ocean View HS
    • Preparations: Creating committees and committee leaders and more meetings to check on progress. Make sure that everything goes smoothly. Publicize early so that people are aware of the event. Make sure that the food for the after party and the drinks for the basketball players are abundantly supplied. Lastly, just have fun preparing the event with your school & the Hollywood Knights. Smaller flyers to get out to individuals and place on to vehicles. My students made locker flyers that helped really well and they also passed these out to the middle schools. - Keppel HS
    • Market your feeder schools. Make sure you go back several times. Have fliers to hand out with all of the details. - Whittier HS
    • Getting sponsors and having samples of posters, program and tickets. - Canyon HS
    • Start earlier than we did. Follow Michael's instructions about the posters - it really helps. - Walnut HS
    • Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! Another key thing is getting a sponsor. We had a raffle that went really well. - Schurr HS
    • Get a sponsor! That saved us! Have enough security (football players work well). - Garden Grove HS
    • Publicize often and excessively!! All over! - Downey HS
    • To start planning it way in advance. There\'s a lot to get done even though it might not seem like it. Also make sure to advertise EVERYWHERE! – Agoura High School
    • Be well organized and have campus groups totally committed to putting on the event. –

    • Start early with the prep, because you will be so much more relaxed the day of the event and will actually be able to enjoy it rather than scrambling around during it. It took us this 2nd year to figure it out. – Savanna High School
    • Once you book, start working. The earlier you get started the better off you are. – Bellflower H.S.


    • YES, we would recommend the Hollywood Knights to organizations who are in need of an exciting fundraiser to do. It surely attracts a huge crowd! - Keppel HS
    • YES. It is wonderful for students to see their teachers outside of the school classroom. And, it is the closest most of these students will ever get to celebrities. - Downey HS
    • YES. It is a fun event and is profitable. - Moreno Valley HS
    • YES, it's a great way to get students to work together and raise money. - Canyon Springs HS
    • Absolutely. Hollywood Knights and Michael Mirisch are a 1st Class group. - Ocean View HS
    • YES, because H.K. worked with us and geared it to our needs. I saw the game at Los Amigos HS and both their game and ours suited the respective school environment. - Walnut HS
    • YES! It is a very memorable and enjoyable experience. It is great because it gets people more active in not only the school, but the community as well. - Schurr HS
    • Yes, it is a good event. - Whittier HS
    • 1) It is something that the students really enjoy. 2) It is fun! 3) Easy for the money you can earn. - Garden Grove HS
    • COMPLETELY! - Burbank HS
    • Yes – Agoura High School
    • Yes – Brea Olinda High School
    • Yes – Savanna High School
    • Yes – Bellflower High School


The Hollywood Knights are available for tour dates outside of Southern California and internationally. To have the team come to your city, your organization/charity/school would need to secure various sponsors such as hotel, airfare, transportation, and meals that require additional work and a much larger committee and volunteer staff than is normally required for our local events.

If your organization has the man power and resources to accommodate the production levels of the Hollywood Knights, please contact us at 818-654-9399 to further discuss the possibility of bringing the Hollywood Knights celebrity basketball team to your city.


We are currently booking dates for the 2014 - 2015 season. Games can be scheduled on Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, Thursday nights, or Saturday nights starting at 6:00 PM. We can’t do Friday night games. The high school games are normally booked September through to June, but the team can be booked all year long. This is a four hour event from when doors open to the end of the after party. Games usually end at 8:30 PM. Some high schools can only be booked on Saturdays due to distance—the booking office will let your school know if this is the case.


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Available booking dates for Hollywood Knights basketball games:
Please call the HK office for current available dates.

Currently booking dates for the 2018 – 2019 school season.

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