VAN NUYS HIGH SCHOOL - November 13, 2002

By Jeanne Flores

What happens when there is game held in the "backyard" of the Hollywood Knights? Everyone comes out to play! On Wednesday, November 13, 2002, over twenty members of the Hollywood Knights showed up to help raise money for the Senior Class of 2003 at Van Nuys High School. The Knights faced off against the Van Nuys High School Faculty Wolves.

Those in attendance included Dion Basco, Josh Henderson, Robert Ri'chard, Lil J, Andrew Walker, Romeo, Alisa Reyes, Wesley Jonathan, Bumper Robinson, Kevin Zegers, Ashlee Simpson, Thad Luckinbill, Romeo and the guys of 3rd Storee with Bryan Datillo, Cylk Cozart, Dejai, and Michael Bergin making up the starting line up. Surprise guests included: Pablo Santos (Greetings from Tuscon), Jeffrey Licon and Bobby Gonzales (The Brother's Garcia) and Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince).

Carmen Roberto, freshman, was one of the many fans who was impressed by the vocal talent of 3rd Storee as they sang the National Anthem. "I thought the performance was very wonderful, they did a good job, and I like them a lot."

The first quarter was on it's way as fans watched the game and followed the DJ's of Power 106 around the stands in hopes to gain some free items like t-shirts, shoes (again you had to have a shoe size of 10 ), and sweaters. However, Power wasn't the only ones giving away prizes. Those who purchased raffle tickets had the opportunity to win CD's, including Christina Aguilera's and O-Town's latest albums, and V.I.P. passes to the after party.

Between the first and second quarter, the Van Nuys dance team performed while Alfonso, Lil J, DeJai and other members of the Knights looked on and danced along to the music.

Mr. Crosby, History teacher, agreed with his colleague, "The Hollywood Knights are great to come out here. They've played a good game, nice game, nice and clean, no one is hurting each other, and they're playing really well. Nice game, so they are doing a really good job."

One of two female players on the faculty team, Ms. Sherman, Biology teacher, gave her insights about playing against a group of guys, "I think it's a lot of fun. I don't know if they are making a big deal that I'm the only girl, but I think it's really fun, and that's the bottom line. I'm having a good time."

As half time came around, fans had the pleasure of watching Lil J and 3rd Storee perform once again. Fans swooned over Lil J as he brought out another lucky fan, Tatiana Castaneda, sophomore, senior, during his performance, and screamed over 3rd Storee's intricate dance moves. They also scrambled to get autographs and take pictures with their favorite celebrities. 

"The particular thing I like about doing this, is that it goes directly to the schools, and becomes effective immediately. They don't have to wait for anything, you know, the money goes straight to them, and they spend it on whatever they need to spend it on," said Jeffrey about being a part of an organization such as the Hollywood Knights.

Bobby added, "I think it's very important to come out here and support a cause. Not only could we give a show, but raise money because not everyone can get it."

While fans talked with Ashlee, she revealed what it's like to watch Josh play on the court, "It's so much fun! He's so cute. I love him. It's like I'm his little cheerleader!" 

Second half was on its way with Alisa assisting one of the referee's, Stoney, to call the fouls. In attempt to win a skateboard from the DJ's from Power, several boys had to drink soda out of their shoe. The lucky winner was Senior, Ashwin Cambe, and when asked why he did it, he responded, "Why not live life?" He continued on to say, "I feel like a million bucks!"

The game ended with the score at 88-86, Hollywood Knights win once again.

The event wouldn't be possible without the hard work of Margarita Kehribarian, Senior class treasurer and prom chair.

Me: How did you hear about the Hollywood Knights
Margarita: A friend brought it up, when we we're talking about fundraisers.

Me: How hard is it to organize an event like this?
Margarita: It was very hard; it took me 2-3 months to do it.

Me: What do you think of the turnout?
Margarita: It's great. It's excellent. More than I ever imagined.

By Sue Kim

On Wednesday night, Van Nuys High School hosted their very first Hollywood Knights game in a gymnasium full of eager and excited fans. The Knights went head to head with the Van Nuys Wolves faculty tonight in a very aggressive but friendly game. Proceeds of tonight’s game benefited the Van Nuys senior class and judging by the stands, it was definitely a successful night for them. Being so close to home, many Hollywood Knights celebrities were in attendance at tonight’s game. Alfonso Ribiero, Michael Bergin, and Romeo of Tha Goodfellas played their first game of the season tonight while Pablos Santos from “Greetings from Tuscon,” Robert Ri’chard, and stars from “The Brothers Garcia” were in attendance for their first game of the season.

With all the usual out of the way (i.e. warm-up, introductions, national anthem) the first quarter went underway. With Michael taking over Andre Smith’s coaching duties, Bryan Datillo, Alfonso Robiero, Cylk Cozart, Dejai, and Michael Bergin were in first for the Knights. Cylk and Wolves faculty member Rod Stenson were in the center circle for the jump and Bryan gained possession for the Knights. Cylk put the Knights on the board first with a two point shot at 11:51 and then another 3 point shot at 11:19. As faculty member Jerry Simon went into shoot at 10:35, it was Bryan that knocked the ball out of his possession. At 9:44 Alfonso had the ball but it was faculty member Jerry Simon again that stole the ball. At 3:42 josh, Kevin, Bumper, Andrew, and Wesley went into the game to relieve the Knights that were on the court. Lil’ J went in for a two pointer at 3:55 to put the Knights at 21. One minute left in the quarter, Josh was the last one to score for the Knights in the first quarter with a three pointer while at fifteen seconds Wolf Rod Stenson made a shot to put the score at 24-29 at the end of the first.

To give the Knights and the Wolves a chance to take a breather, the Van Nuys H.S. dance team performed to two songs before the beginning of the second. The Wolves started with the ball at the start of the second quarter. At 10:13 in the second, Wolf Mike Watson fouled Michael sending him to the free throw line. He made 1 for 2, putting the Knights at 30. Romeo got possession of the ball after Wolves member Jono Mitchell missed both of his free throws at 5:48 in the second. At the end of the second period, the Knights were up by just three points with a score of 48-51.

Performances by Lil’ J and 3rd Storee and an autograph session consisted of tonight’s half time and then it was back to the game. At about seven minutes into the third quarter, Michael hurts himself a bit as he goes for a shot but nothing that keeps him out of the game and on the bench. With Walker and Wolves faculty member scrambling for the ball during the third, it results in a jump ball. Alisa even puts in her two cents of help and assists Stoney in referring the game. Towards the end of the third, Thad is fouled but misses his free throws while Josh stabs to make a last shot at center court at the buzzer sounds. Score: 58-59, Knights.

With the Knights just barely leading going into the fourth, both teams shot points consecutively. With 3:18 left in the game, Cylk went in for shot but missed. At 1:53, Lil J did the same. With just 46 seconds left, the ball was knocked out of bounds by one of the Knights giving the Wolves possession of the ball. A technical was called in favor of the Knights at 39 seconds and Michael made both shots putting the score at 83-88, Knights. The buzzer went off to sound the end of the game with 85-88 on the board and it was another victorious win for the Knights. Who knows it just might be three in a row for the Knights when they play the Orange High School Panthers on Saturday night!

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