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Hollywood Knights Celebrity Events   Hollywood Knights Celebrity Events

It was a blast, I love the music and the guest stars are so nice to their fans and they take pictures with you and I even got signed autographs from them.  I had the best time of my life.  I would love to do it again; those guys are amazing and are such great basketball players. The best experience was meeting many different famous TV actors and actresses.  I liked it and would do it again’ it's so much fun !!!!!


Age 16

Chino Hills, California

Favorite Celebs: Josh Hutcherson, Hector David Jr., Alyson Stoner, Jake T. Austin, Jeremy Sumpter, Cody Linley, and Robert Hoffman.

Memorable Moments: Taking pictures and autographs on March 14, 2012, at Diamond Bar High School and having Robert Hoffman write with a marker on my cheeks and I got to talk to Adrian R’Mante for about an hour; he gave me good advice.  And the best for last, Hector David Jr. was nice enough to give me a hug when he was all sweaty.  I love them all so much !!!!!!

I just want to thank the USO and the Hollywood Knights for coming to Sigonella, Sicily. It was a huge moral boost for those of us who have been
living overseas for years to know that there are people back home who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to come and visit us. All
of the celebrities were very nice. During the last quarter of the game a few of our younger all stars got to play with the celebrities, including my
nine-year-old son. He got to ride on Michael Copon's shoulders and even scored a basket against the Hollywood Knights all on his own. We were able
to take pictures afterwards and get autographs. I know that this is something that we will both remember for a long time and my son will forever
cherish those memories. Thanks again, it was an awesome game.

Age 27
Sigonella, Sicily

Favorite Celebs: Wolf and James Kyson Lee

Memorable Moments: My nine-year-old son getting to play in the game with the celebrities!


This experience by having these celebrities come to Germany to support our troops was terrific, and outstanding. I felt so lucky to be there knowing the celebrities really cared about what our dads, moms, and spouses were doing for our country. Getting the chance to actually meet them and take pictures with them was my favorite part :) I was so happy to hear i was going to the basketball game. When I got there I was just amazed at how much fun I had and how much they all cared about us. I begged my dad to take me to the second game an hour and a half away 2 days after the first game. I seriously was thanking him for a month. I just could not get over the fact that this was just an amazing moment and how much fun, and that the celebs cared about us. I really do hope they all can come back again

p.s tell them all I say hi :)
Thanks again! I loved it!

Favorite Celebs: Sam Page, Stephen Colletti

Memorable Moments: When the celebrities would pick some people out of the crowd to shoot some hoops. Also, when Stephen Colletti gave me his USO headband :)

Age 12
Ramstein Middle School


This was a graet experience and i hope to see more of all you guys. You guys played a great game and you guys had great sportsman ship. The performences were hot and 3rd Storee and Lil J were hot too!!! i will always remember that game and i hope to see more of you guys at my School Bonita High.

Favorite Celebs: 3rd Storee and Lil J

Memorable Moments: The entire game was a memorable experience. I had never been to a celeb. game so this one was really fun. I will always remeber when GAvin and lil J gave me a kiss on my cheek and i got big nice hugs from the rest of 3rd storee. I will also always remeber when Lil J grabbed my hand while he was performing. This is a really good way to foundraise for schools and charities.

Age 16
Bonita High School
Grade 11

When i got to the game i wasnt expecting much. The celebrities were late and so we just sat and talked for about 15-20 minutes. They started coming in and at first i didnt see anyone i knew or thought was cute. Then Josh (henderson) came out and i was like "this is gonna be fun". It was tied at half-time and we knew that during half-time we could go meet the stars. so my friends and i ran over to josh. he was really sweet and was signing things for everyone and just taking pictures. At the end of the game (the teachers won) we ran over to josh andd just hung out with him.He was really sweet and at the end of the nught, he gave us all hugs and (nice) kissess on the cheek. It was one of the best times ive had.

Favorite Celebs: Josh Henderson

Memorable Moments: hangin out with josh at walnut, he is soo nice

Nicole M.
Age 15
Walnut High School
Grade 11

I was talked into going to the game at Walnut H.S. by my boyfriend, and we went with one of our friends. His brother was in the group that was sponsoring the basketball game. I didn't really expect much out of the game (it was my first time to see HK), but being an alumni of the school, it was nice to be back and see some of the old faculty out on the court... The music was bumpin' and the game started out pretty good. When At Last sang the national anthem, I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear! They sounded SO HOT! Then awhile later, I saw Dion walk in!!! OMG! I went crazy! I love Dion! =D But anyhow, my friend was able to pick up a lanyard and sweater from Power 106, and that was cool. At half time, David and At Last sang and that was tyte (a.k.a. hot or cool), and the high-schoolers went crazy for autographs from the celebs. The rest of the game seemed to pass quickly (time flies when you're having fun), and within the last minute of the game, IT WAS TIED! In the end, Walnut H.S. won, and all was good. Afterwards, I was grooving a little bit on the court with my boy and my friend (2 separate people), and I got to chat a with Dion and At Last. I totally felt like a little kid, but I loved it all!!! I had so much fun!

Favorite Celebs: Dion Basco!!! At Last, Anthony Harrell, David Nicoll

Memorable Moments: After the game, Dion autographed not only a piece of paper, but also my hand AND I got a BIG hug!!! Oh man, I was dying for a camera!

Theresa Villanueva
Age 20
Mt. San Antonio College

I am a student at J.W. North High in Riverside and i heard that we were going to have a basketball game against some Hollywood superstars.  When I went to the game i didnt expect to see soo many stars including The Nade, No Secrets, Josh Henderson, and Joy Enriquez! It was one of the best games I have ever seen. The whole time we were neck and neck with the knights but in the end they beat us. I was happy though because i got to go to the after party and actually talk to all of the famous people! It was a lot of fun and I will never forget that night!

Favorite Celebs: Joy Enriquez, Josh Henderson, and No secrets.

Memorable Moments: Just before half-time I walked over to Joy Enriquez and I asked if I could take a picture with her, she was so nice. Joy took THREE pictures with me and before I went back to my seat i told her that she  smelled very good!!!

Robert Corea
Age 15
John W. North High
Grade 9

Man it was so fun i loved it. i had so much fun. and being able to meet and see all those stars was sooooo great. i am going to try to go to all of them. i think they are a great way to raise money and i love all the things that go on. and i wish i would have known about it before, because i would have gone to all of them. thanks for everything, my experience was one i'll never forget!

Marley Ellis
Age 15
Brea Olina High School
Grade 10

Two of my friends took me to my first Hollywood Knights game at Fontana. We were the first ones in line. While we were waiting we met Courtney and Kendra (the Hollywood Knighst biggest fans). When we got inside and met all the stars they were all so nice and friendly. I was so surprised because you hear so many stories that they are stuck up, but that wasn't the case at all. From that day on we have pretty much attended all the games. I love watching all the stars play an intense game. Not one game was the same as another, which make them all the more exiting to go to. Seeing Josh do his little dancing moves and going deaf everytime he walks close to his fans. Or watching Ali run in the middle of the court and doing her cute little strut, while Dallas watches her with proud eyes. And Kiko always coming up to us and calling us his babies. I love the way the fans get into the spirit of things. And leaning so far out of our seats just to see who is going to get the ball next. And seeing who will make it first in line, whether it's Courtney and Kendra or us. Seeing who's going to wear their socks higher than the rest like Jared or even if Jesse wears his good luck black socks. And so much more. That's what makes the whole Hollywood Knights game so fun to come to each week. You never know who is going to show up or what is going to happen. I even love seeing the mad rush when the guys come out to sign autographs for their adoring fans. Sometimes it gets crazy, but other times it's a thrill.

Total Games Attended: 10

Favorite Celebs: JARED PADALECKI, Jesse, Teck, Josh, Wesley, Andrew, Dejai, Romeo, Thad, Mike, Burce, Kiko, Ryan Merriman, Dallas, Dion, Anthony, Tommy, Ali, Joy, Sammy

Memorable Moments: My most memorable moment was when my friends and I went to JW North's basketball game. It was the day of our prom and we all decided that we were going to go the the game before we went to prom. When we got there not only did everyone in line tell us that we looked pretty and that they hoped we had fun. But the Hollywood Knights did also. We recieved so many compliments that day, we knew that night was not going to get any better.

Charmaine Brodie
Age 17
Canyon Springs High School
Grade 11

My most memorable moment was when Dallas came over and talked to me! I also got a picture with him. It was totally awesome seeing him again. (I first met Dallas and Sammy two years ago at a mall tour). It was also cool to see Josh again. I met him at the Tyler Mall at a signing and my picture with from the signing...well he was sticking his tongue out! So i showed him the pictures and he started laughing. He took another picture with I am hoping it will come out good! I really enjoyed No Secrets preformance and Davids! I could totally see them making it in the music business. Davids voice was so incredibly awesome! I was slightly disappointed that I did NOT get any autographs...the lines were too long :-( Oh well, I did have a GREAt time and am looking forward to going to many more games! Bye Bye Bye

Favorite Celebs: Dallas, Josh Henderson, and David Nicoll

Memorable Moments: When David sang during half time. I was getting into his songs and he came over and danced with me. i got some awesome pictues of him too!

Jenna Timberlake
Age 16
Valley View High School
Grade 10

Being in cheerleading and ASB, I had a lot of responsibilities regarding the game and had to set up the afterwards ceremony and I didn't have any time to do the whole autograph thing but thanks to Hollywood Knights I ended up meeting everyone!  Meeting Trevor was the coolest thing ever.  He is such a sweetie and he has nothing but positive things to say.  It was even better knowing that him and Dan took time out from their day to come and play the game.  Earlier that evening, they attended the Kid's Choice Awards and were probably already tired but still made an effort to come.  Dan was really cool too.  There must have been about a billion girls waiting to say hi and have pictures taken with them and yet they managed to fulfill everyones request.  This was the best time I ever had and trust me, it was better than winning any contest.

Favorite Celebs: Mike "the Miz"

Memorable Moments: Meeting Dan and Trevor from O-Town and getting to talk to Jose Solano.

Jackie Ramos
Age 17
Whittier High School
Grade 12

Thanks Hollywood Knights for comming to the opening of our new gym.  It was something big that I couldn't miss because I'll be playing basketball in that same court for 2 more years. It was something so memorable that it's one of those things that you'll never forget. We raised a lot of money and it was so much fun watching our old teachers, maybe I should say faculty, play some of the youngest and hottest celebrities around. Also thanks to Power 106 who provided some of the dopest music for the game.  Thanks guys! I hope this can happen soon again because I had a lot of fun.

Favorite Celebs: Wesley Jonathan, Anthony Harrell, Tha Goodfellas, Sammy Lopez, Mike "The Miz"

Memorable Moments: My most memorable moment was when I took a picture with Wesley Jonathan with me kissing him on the cheek.  It really makes a girl's day when something like that happens. It sure made mine. Thanks Wesley!

Brenda Martinez
Age 15
Whittier High School
Grade 10

Well I had a great time at the game and when i got to go down to the court after half-time performances i had a FUN time. i first got to meet The Miz first and that was great. i got a picture with him and an autograph. then my friend and i decided to wait at the end of the table so it would be easier. (without all the pushing) while we were waiting we got to get a picture with dallas. Then we waited some more and *josh henderson* came! we asked him if we could take a picture and he said yeah. that was the best part of the night. i was so excited that i got to get a picture with him. then we went back to watching the game. hollywood knights won! =D...then we went down to the court again and i got to get a picture with jared padalecki. that was a very fun night!!

Favorite Celebs: *Josh Henderson* , tHE MiZ, jared padalecki, dallas

Memorable Moments: My most memorable moment was taking a picture with Mike "The Miz" and getting his autograph. Another one was taking a picture Josh Henderson. That was the best part of the game. =D

Peggy Ngo
Age 14
Jefferson Middle School
Grade 8

I went to a Hollywood Knights game with my dad and my brother on April 27, 2002. it was really fun to see josh for the second time.. we got there around seven and got our seats. when the game started i called out his name and he looked over at us.. and he waved.. i got a picture of him here. during halftime my brother and i went straight to the tables so i could get autographs from him. i was the 3rd person and he signed the poster that came in one of the popstar magazines. which was really cool cuz he was really nice to me. i also got a picture with him. i think he remembered me from the burbank game. he was really sweet. i also got pictures with joy enriquez. she was really pretty and really sweet. at the end of the game we saw him again and after they told everyone to leave the gym we waited outside the locker room. he was really sweet cuz he talked to us. i had a great time at the game and hopefully i can go to one more before the season ends... thanks hollywoodknights :)

Favorite Celebs: Josh Henderson

Memorable Moments: Talking to josh at the end of the game

Janine Narvaez
Age 11
College Park Elementary School
Grade 6

When I found out that Dan and Trevor from O-town were going to be at the Whittier Game I had to go! Since I had surgery a week earlier my mom told me if I went I would have to go back to school on monday, but it was soo worth it! Iwas soo excited like I usually am when I go. I didn't want to get my hopes up incase they couldn't make it so I didn't think about it too much. When I got there Trevor was already on the court warming up and I almost died. Then shortly after Dan came out. I went down and asked Dan for a hug and took a picture with him! I was soo happy! The autograph signing is something I will NEVER forget! Everyone ran and was pushing. Since I just had surgery there was no way I would surrvive hehe so I got out of there fast. It was a funny thing to watch and something I will never forget!

Favorite Celebs: Ryan Merriman, Dan, Trevor, Ricky G, Tommy&Stue, and Josh Henderson

Memorable Moments: Actually asking Dan Miller for a hug since I usually get soo shy and nervous around celebs.

Michelle Johnson
Age 16
Western H.S.
Grade 11

The game was great the Hollywood Knights beat or school Faculty. It was great having all the celebrities coming to our school and i loved how they would just sign anything you handed them. Everyone was so nice and they all seemed to be having fun. I just want to say THANK YOU the the Hollywood knights for coming. It was so cool for it being my first game and it was great. Once again THANK YOU.

Favorite Celebs: Kiko Elsworth, Josh Henderson, Sammy Lopez, And Dallas

Memorable Moments: The autograph session because i got to see everyone in person. Also getting to take pictures with the celebrities.

Kristen Crestfield
Age 16
John.W.North High School
Grade 11

I had such a great time! most of the celebs were so nice to take pictures with me. I was disappointed that jared (gilmore girls) didnt come, but it didnt matter anymore because i still had fun. Kiko was soo sweet and he kept asking me to smile in the pictures. Mike was hilarious, because when people asked him to take a picture with them, he would make faces in the pictures or stick out his tongue. for my picture, he had this huge adorable smile..i cant wait to go to next year's game!!!

Favorite Celebs: kiko, ron, and mike

Memorable Moments: the whole game was memorable.

Susan Nguyen
Age 16
Garden Grove High School
Grade 10


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